Men, Women, and Chainsaws by Stephen Graham Jones

Despite its short length Men, Women, and Chainsaws packs a punch. This novella is characterized by Stephen Graham Jones’ signature style, which is as propelling as it is chaotic. The central character’s knowledge of slashers and her intense personality brought to mind Jade from the author’s The Lake Witch trilogy, so I found myself rooting for her despite her questionable morality. The supernatural element here pays homage to a long line of horrors featuring (possibly) possessed (or otherwise ) cars…but Jones really makes it his own, so that things don’t pan out the way we might expect. Men, Women, and Chainsaws makes for an excellent Halloween read featuring revenge, female rage, and tons of references, so I would definitely recommend it to fans of the horror genre.

My rating: ★ ★ ★ ½

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