• Stories from the Tenants Downstairs by Sidik Fofana

    Stories from the Tenants Downstairs by Sidik Fofana

    In this wonderfully polyphonic collection of short stories, Sidik Fofana explores the everyday realities and struggles experienced by the Black residents of a high-rise in Harlem. The unrelenting push of gentrification and the looming threat of eviction sees this cast of characters struggling to keep up with their rents and to stay afloat. As they… READ MORE

  • Greek Lessons by Han Kang

    Greek Lessons by Han Kang

    β€œThe lit fuse of the chilly explosive primed in her heart is no more. The interior of her mouth is as empty as the veins through which the blood no longer flows, it is as empty as a lift shaft where the lift has ceased to operate.” In a clinically detached prose Han Kang examines… READ MORE

  • Soledad by Angie Cruz

    Soledad by Angie Cruz

    β€œCould it be that that’s just the way things go between people? Irreconcilable differences, which can’t really be explained or solved.” What could have been a polyphonic tragicomedy exploring trauma, abusive and dysfunctional relationships, generational and cultural divides, sex, love, and desire, is let down by a cast of cartoonish characters, repetitive dialogues and interactions,… READ MORE

  • Idol, Burning by Rin Usami

    Idol, Burning by Rin Usami

    β€œEverything about him was precious. When it came to my oshi, I wanted to offer him everything I had.” Rin Usami’s Idol, Burning gives readers insight into fandom culture and celebrity worship through the lens of Akari, a high-school student whose thoughts are always on Masaki Ueno, her oshi, a former child actor who is… READ MORE

  • A Carnivore’s Inquiry by Sabina Murray

    A Carnivore’s Inquiry by Sabina Murray

    β€œThis is what exploration had opened up the door to. Not only widespread slaughter, but the necessary accompaniment of gorging.” Unapologetically solipsistic and deeply manipulative, Katherine, the central character of A Carnivore’s Inquiry, makes for an awful human being and a deeply entertaining narrator. A predecessor to Ottessa Moshfegh and Mona Awad’s protagonists, and many… READ MORE

  • Hardboiled & Hard Luck by Banana Yoshimoto

    Hardboiled & Hard Luck by Banana Yoshimoto

    β€œI felt as if this place I had come to was nowhere. As if I no longer had a home to return to. That road I had been on didn’t lead anywhere, this trip would never endβ€”it seemed to me as if next morning would never arrive.” Banana Yoshimoto is at her whimsical best in… READ MORE